bevy of ideas has developed Educational eLearning Materials that are a NEW Approach to teaching abstract Concepts in education. The Material visually interprets Concepts to be learnt using the Teach and Show and Do Principle. Each Concept engages the Learner’s interest and focuses their attention. Our eLearning Materials are Interactive with Animation and are in Colour. The Materials for Junior School range from learning the Alphabet to Decimals. The Senior School Materials range from Algebra to Atoms and more.

Every Course and Resource will yield a strong academic result in order to ensure Learners have grasped the Key Concept of the Material and can progress successfully to the next level. The Material is simple to use and reduce the amount of time an Educator needs on Preparation and Test-setting. The Assessment and Outcomes of the Learner's progress will be evident. We believe our Educational eLearning Materials are a good introduction to the teaching of abstract concepts necessary to a good Education and so prepare Learners for the real world.

Our Educators' Guides provide thorough support while teaching, particularly in a technological medium. An Adobe Flash Player opens the files and is suited to all Computers or for teaching on a Laptop with an Electronic Whiteboard for class work.